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WhatsApp Business API native integration with Zoho CRM through Woztell. Increase sales and customer retention talking to your customer in their preferred personal app, WhatsApp. Give your sales, marketing and customer success teams the ability to handle WhatsApp messages efficiently with multiple agents in a unified platform, automate repetitive messages, send campaigns, automate conversation with chatbots, create reports and much more.

Why you need WhatsApp API and Zoho Integration?
When you realize that is critical for your company success to:
1. Have unified way for your teams to communicate via WhatsApp with users,
2. Manage the result of this actions with historical data associated with your leads and contacts in CRM and report to monitor team performances,
3. Automate messages with push notifications,
4. Automate full conversation with a chatbot to expand your response capacity by having 24/7 response, and multiple languages without increasing your team.
You need Woztell solution when you want to do more with less.
- More sales, less agents
- More sales, less time
- More performance, less manual reports
- More customer retention, less manual messages
- More customer happiness, less meetings
- and what more you want...

You know you are ready to invest in a solution like Woztell, when you have clear that you need to improve your internal communication process, and that you need to be up to date in communicate with your users via instant messaging to grow your business.

Note: If you have less than 20 conversations a day with users or don't want to create campaign or automate your messages or have just 1 or 2 agents, or you fit in all the previous cases, this is not the solution for you. We recommend you use the WhastApp Business that you can install directly from WhatsApp page, instead of Woztell WhatsApp Business API solution.

How long does it take to verify the WhatsApp Business API account?
WhatsApp Business API is different from the well know WhatsApp Personal or Business account that you can download from the WhatsApp webpage and start using on your phone immediately.
WhatsApp Business API requires an account approval with WhatsApp. The approval process takes in up to 4 weeks. At Woztell, we manage all the process and guide you through the steps requested by WhatsApp. At the end of this account setup period, you will have your solution up and running, and we provide a 30 min onboarding session to be sure you will be successful with your Woztell integration of WhatsApp and Zoho CRM.
WhatsApp doesn't allow certain companies to use WhatsApp API, like companies that sell tobacco or alcohol, or cryptocurrency, and so on.
Please check the WhatsApp commerce policy to understand if your business is allowed to use it. If you have any doubts about it, please contact us. We will be glad to support you. Keep in mind that WhatsApp has the right to approve or reject your Whatsapp Business API account, based on their terms and policies. As Woztell we help you to be successful in this process, but WhatsApp have the final word.

What number can I use as WhatsApp Business API?
Woztell don't provide numbers for you to have the freedom to choose the best telephony provider you want in your region. The number must be able to receive a phone or an SMS for its activation.

Now about our WhatsApp API service
WOZTELL provides you Official WhatsApp Business API and offers you the best experience using WhatsApp through its 360º integration to Zoho CRM. A single WOZTELL license allows you to work with unlimited Zoho users, sending and receiving WhatsApp messages, images, and all kinds of files. It will also allow you to send automated messages, automate conversations with chatbots and collaborate remotely with your colleagues in real time about the best way to resolve a customer ticket or close a sale.
The solution works integrating WhatsApp business API with Zoho Cliq as a messaging application, and Zoho CRM for storing historical data related to leads and contact, for automating messaging, sending campaigns, and reporting.
Finally, remember that you can use WOZTELL with other Zoho applications such as Desk, Flow to connect with multiple application inside and outside of Zoho Suite, and others.

To have WhatsApp and Zoho CRM connected starts in $99/month subscription. The price can change based on plan type, payment frequency, the number of agents, messages sent and templates you may need.
There is a setup fee that starts in $99 depending on the plan, that is a one time fee to cover the WhatsApp API and integration setup process service.
Please request a demo to know exactly what's the best solution for your needs. We can support you in English or Spanish.

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