Plecto for Zoho CRM

Plecto for Zoho CRM

Built for: CRM Developed by: Plecto

Plecto makes it possible to visualize your real-time business KPI’s on customized dashboards. Transparency and visualization of business performance increase employee engagement and motivation, making it possible for you to grow your business and reach ambitious targets. 
Using this integration, you can easily showcase your Zoho data in Plecto. Use the dashboards to ensure that performance is always in focus for all team members, to let everybody keep their eyes on the prize. The gamification and employee focused features make it easy to create healthy competition and recognize all the great achievements within your organization. With Plecto you can get a quick and easy overview of performance across teams and departments. The product is a great tool to remove manual and repetitive tasks, freeing up time to focus on what’s really important: growing your business.

Are you ready to create high-performance teams and reach your full potential? Install the app and start your free Plecto trial today.

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    Deployment type API-built integrations
    Published date Oct 17, 2019
    Version 1.0
    Latest Released date Oct 29, 2019
    Category Analytics
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